VacMaster 4000

The VacMaster 4000 is the most popular air vacuum excavation unit (air vac) in the industry for a reason.  Ample power allows our crews to excavate soil quickly and safely to locate possible utilities in difficult soils without harming them.  By keeping the soil dry, it is possible to backfill locations faster and cleaner than using water methods.  Clearing drilling locations using air vac techniques is the safest and most reliable way to give you the peace of mind that your location is ready to drill. 

Additionally, BC2 has developed specialized tooling for our air vac rigs to perform well abandonment services by pressure grouting.    Each rig is outfitted with a Moyno pump to inject grout and a K-packer will hold the required pressure to force the grout into the filter pack.  The entire process is one of the most efficient and cost-effective means to abandon wells and widely accepted by regulatory agencies.