Terra Sonic 150CC

Over the years, sonic drilling has been given many different names.  Rotasonic, sonicore, and vibratory drilling are all different terms used to describe essentially the same system.  They all use a high frequency vibratory system applied to a drill string to cut through the subsurface.  The rotational component of the drilling method is in reference to the slow rotation of the drill string to evenly distribute the vibrational energy at the surface of the drill bit.

The TSi 150CC Compact Crawler Sonic Drill Rig is a crawler mounted unit with a 225 HP diesel engine that powers all driving, drilling and accessory hydraulic functions. The TSi 150CC Compact Crawler features the exclusive TSi 150 Sonic oscillator that efficiently utilizes up to 150 HP to generate powerful resonant sonic energy in the drill string to a rated drilling depth of 800 feet  with 6 inch casing.  In addition, the unit has full rotational drilling capability. The TSi 150CC Compact Crawler mast enables drilling angles anywhere between vertical and 45°, incorporates an integrated hose management system within its tubular frame, and utilizes a drive system that operates the feed frame with half the chain length and rollers of conventional drive methods.